Halloween Reserve 2023

Hey Hey ChiliHead, as u may know about me…if I don’t feel it; I won’t make it. Meaning, if my brain isn’t in the place to make a reserve, it ain’t happenin’.  Last year – case in point…so it’s October 2022 and I am supposed to have a reserve for Halloween. I had made 2 different concepts which, in my critically obsessive opinion, were tiresome and I think off the mark. Soooo, No reserve for 2022.

I had restarted my work on it this past June, then got my passion immersed 3 weeks ago and slammed it like Jordan in ‘88…..imho; it’s my best ever yet …it’s all memorialized on huge 12×18 matt/gloss illustrated brushed aluminum Halloween Scene base (or background) with an Unreal XXX Version of my incredibly limited and highly special Crystal Death in an amazing glass skull (with Swarovski crystal planet and star eyes)!!

You’ll also find a gorgeous glass coffin adorned with extremely rare and immeasurably unique Crystal Skull packets which I have produced exclusively for this Halloween series (contents).

As if that wasn’t enough , You will also receive an extraordinarily special mini vessel of my not yet released  Pure 16Million v2.  Absolutely defies all known bounds…  You receive it first with your 2023 Halloween Reserve.  There’s so much more with many surprises to be found!!

……One of the most common questions I hear ….Hey BlaiR, How many u makin’?? Fair enough for sure to know…..I will be producing a total of 99 of these globally—-this includes the 10 being sent to each of the following countries —-Austrailia🇦🇺, Germany🇩🇪 & Japan🇯🇵 to our exclusive importers, plus the one I keep for myself.  However, even though 99 is extremely few I took it four steps down. Here’s how—-The super talented peeps I work with have created four unique Halloween scenes. Thus there are only 25 Reserves available with each aluminum Halloween base and the already super special Crystal Skull and Coffin. The designs are sent at random. We are only showing the one image intentionally.  I’m hand-signing the bases 1/25 and bottles 1/99. This will be the first time ever I am doing two different numbered editions in one Reserve.

Pre-release price until Nov 3rd 3pm- $660  >Nov 4th 3pm $990. >>>Any remaining after Nov 5th 3pm  $1130 or maybe more after that.  Enjoy yours   It’s really soulpacked for tru!! And as u know well by now, I call it as I see it – this reserve is a no brainer x2 to purchase on pre-release today; however, I have no control (nor desire) over secondary markets. Nor was I the seller of a 5am and Caldera for over 11k on eBay. I know what we’ve returned in pleasure in addition to monetary gain from being collected in unbelievably gorgeous ways – beyond my words for months, years, decade(s) and now hitting 30 years for those who have my lab experiment bottle.  Whoa !!! I used a white out marker to sign it    Luv to see pic if u have one please!Regarding secondary markets, please don’t purchase for monetary gain as that part best comes without such plan. Your 2023 Reserve is really special in more ways than you may see or know right now … I assure you… The proof of same will be seen upon your 2023 Reserve arrival as well as in the 2025 Halloween Reserve.
All Luv n Spice,
Feel Alive  B

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