Frozen Update

Dear ChiliPal, 

Back in August I shared a major breakthrough in our ChiliPepper world…. “Frozen Death Sauce”…. Actually, it’s more than a breakthrough….. it’s something that has already enabled multiple new applications for the very Fruit I LuV most on this Planet ….The Chili Pepper. With much more to come.  As with anything that forges new ground, there are bound to be some glitches as it enters the rest of the world… And there have been some…Specifically How to ensure after these Pods and Particles travel thousands of miles in a vacuum they arrive to you as beautifully as when they left New Jersey, USA.  Tonight,  I’m psyched to say that 98% of the shipping issues have been resolved and we can now accept new orders on FrozenDeath.

If you placed an order initially for the pre release offering of Frozen Death; Your order is on its way to you & as my way of saying “Thank You for Your Patience”  included in your package is At least $50 in Free Variations of Frozen Death Sauce moments in addition to your order… This includes whole Hyper Shock NitroPods(The most gorgeous),bullion bars, and Burning Ice.

Even if you are the most sophisticated Chilihead, you’ve enjoyed your favorite Chili – Fresh, Dried, in a Mash, or Sauced… I can personally assure you, you’ve never tasted your favorite Chilis in their most pristine – Better than Fresh – form. How could I say that? Well, pretty simple. Ive spent the last 31 years of my life immersed in Chili peppers from every corner of this planet and I can assure you that my HyperShock NitroPods are truly like no other. And I’m not just speaking aesthetically, The flavors erupt with Blissfully Blistering Fury… and btw have a Taste of that crystal nougat that’s found on most all of these Pods. That is the most intense concentrated essence of all that exists in the Capsaicin universe… Its like hitting the treasure trove of Flavor. If I sound as though I’m speaking of these chilies like they’re from a Far out place… its because the more you get to know them, the more you’ll agree they are the most radical chilies you’ve ever Consumed. The most Wickedly Intense Chilies on Planet Earth.  If you enjoy these even half as much as my Chilihead friends and I do, you’re gonna be psyched. 

  Please know that while the NitroPods are the most stable of the bunch the bullion bars do soak up the atmosphere rapidly and in humid conditions will rapidly become spongy in even a slightly humid atmosphere. This is why they’re VacPacked in one time use packs. Much smaller sizes to come in near future. 

Please feel free to contact me Direct … I will respond, albeit, I’m not the fastest. 

 Enjoy and Feel Alive    Your ChiliPal, B 

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