Frozen Death

Hello Again,

As I shared with you last week, My recent Patent filing has finally enabled me to share some of my latest creations with you. There are currently 6 main derivatives born from my invention. One of which I’d like to share now with you now…. Frozen Hot Sauce …What ???  Yep and the coolest part is ..You don’t need a freezer for it.   So you say  “But B, You said it was Frozen” Well, I think you’ll agree.. Frozen is indeed, appropriate. As part of my Patent Pending Process is to bath my Death sauce in Pools of Liquid Nitrogen for some time bringing it down to about 320 F below zero thus creating this groundbreaking Crystalline Dry Sauce.

It’s important to note the strong distinction between dry spice and dry sauce. Most notably a dry spice is a combination of dried ingredients which are tossed together. My dry sauce however is Fresh Death Sauce (and other) which has been Super deep Frozen in an atmosphere similar to space allowing the purity to take form as a crystalline structure . The flavors pop in extraordinary ways.  Flavors and tastes which weren’t notable previously explode in manners only your own palate can explain to you. This is most very different than any dry spice ever made before and the reason is simple ….it’s not a dry spice. It’s “dry” or Frozen Hot Sauce…welcome to an entirely new generation of Sauces and Snacks. Packed with mega Flavor with a very proper level  heat attached. The flavors burst boldly with a significant delayed note of block chain heat molecules in a most distinct form. 

I present to you – Frozen Death Sauce  ….like No other….  

Please note that shapes and sizes will vary as your order is filled by Volume not weight.   

LuVnSpice – B

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