30 Awesome Scorpion Pods


Absolutely Rippin Hot Flavor. To be clear…. If you or someone you know is the type that wants to feel what it’s like to have a SledgeHammer on your tongue then..Yep, I got ya covered. You will receive 30 of the Same Scorpion Pods packed into a massive 17 oz Jar. These are the exact same I use in our sauces and In my opinion; The best that can be found.  Sun dried and Super Fresh Packed with Heat and Flavor. I strongly Suggest using Latex gloves and N95 Mask when handling especially if grinding or chopping.  Remember, don’t just break a little of the tip. That’s the least potent area of the pod. Break into the middle belly area and enjoy that Skull Effin Nectar in the middle  Vicious and Delicious Feel Alive

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