ChocoLuV 8 oz


Delicious Beyond – So for the last year or so I’ve been immersed in Chocolate. Yep…Chocolate.    Chili’s ???? and Chocolate go together like Peas and Carrots. In fact, as much as I’ve always Enjoyed them both together I wanted more.  Now You have it..  Simply immerse Your bottle into a Small pot on the stove with water ensuring Your delicious Chocolate is warm and gooey ready to be blended with your Super fresh Chilis.  Pour on a Graham Cracker and enjoy or use any way U like.  Endless Possibilities with Recipe page coming soon. These are the very first bottles I’ve ever made and there’s only 13 of them.   These do come signed and also include a very special delicious bonus gift.


This Is True XB ..You’re ChocoLuV will likely look different as these are definitely in Beta stage, I am of the belief based upon about 210 tastings (literally) that the most delicious ratio is that of a higher chocolate % in every bottle. I didn’t anticipate adding as much as I did in the first 6 bottles. Despite that in some bottles I’ve taken it all the way to about 50/50 that’s a lot of really great chocolate

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