ChocoLuV 8 oz


Delicious Beyond – So for the last year or so I’ve been immersed in Chocolate. Yep…Chocolate.    Chili’s 🌶 and Chocolate go together like Peas and Carrots. In fact, as much as I’ve always Enjoyed them both together I wanted more.  Now You have it..  Simply immerse Your bottle into a Small pot on the stove with water ensuring Your delicious Chocolate is warm and gooey ready to be blended with your Super fresh Chilis.  Pour on a Graham Cracker and enjoy or use any way U like.  Endless Possibilities with Recipe page coming soon. These are the very first bottles I’ve ever made and there’s only 13 of them.   These do come signed and also include a very special delicious bonus gift.


This Is True XB ..You’re ChocoLuV will likely look different as these are definitely in Beta stage, I am of the belief based upon about 210 tastings (literally) that the most delicious ratio is that of a higher chocolate % in every bottle. I didn’t anticipate adding as much as I did in the first 6 bottles. Despite that in some bottles I’ve taken it all the way to about 50/50 that’s a lot of really great chocolate

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