Ghosted Garlic Asiago Wing Sauce 12oz


I’ve spent an unreal amount of time on this one …Spilled out 70% of what I made then turned the 30% into 100% Effin Deliciousness.   It’s a mild medium on my DM (Death Meter) calling it a 5.8    The Primary Chili used to power this most Unique wing SauCe is the Ghost Chili (Aka Jolokia)  As I write this I am literally tasting the sauce repeatedly to properly describe the subtle nuances and sublime flavors. As with All XB’s -They are bountiful- I’m also feeling its a bit hotter than I recalled but heat is so subjective; I’ll let you decide.  This one is special and I recommend not just pouring it on your wings but enjoying as a Glaze on your Steak, Chicken Or Fish.  Super delicious   F the Norm and Feel Alive !  Luv B

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