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HeyHey, I’m really psyched to share this one with ya. This oddly Complex Sauce is named after a place I hold as one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had the privilege to visit….The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in Northern Japan…. Amazing beyond my words especially in Spring. Our Death Sauce brand manager in Tokyo was mentioning the incredible nature which presents right now as it’s “cherry blossom season”. As soon as he made mention I became inspired for this sauce. Lots of passion and time in this one …big time  – As you know, the average # of XB’s I make is about 25 bottles . Sometimes I make a sauce in about 3 hrs not including the time to bottle it (That’s kinda quick but happens now and then)… usually it’s about 4-5hrs of mixing, cooking, tasting and changing …This one took literally 4 days, letting it bloom, and making it what I felt it should be. Even After that, I changed it again  Ha. Not joking… I mashed up some glorious Thai chilies with Sakura Flower Petals but wasn’t happy with the heat so yes, I did add some wicked Red Scorpions but I did something different with those as I soaked them in the Juice and Pulp of some very rare & freshly picked gorgeous citrus fruits including Nagami Kumquats & Kishu Mandarins grown in New Jersey from my Pals at Bhumi. Added Some fresh Garlic and Sugar in Raw blended and added more passion.    Whoa Yum….I may make this one again as I only ended producing eleven 17 oz bottles.   Each are Signed.

And Yes each Tateyama also includes 2-3 beautiful foot + long pieces of Black Bamboo which takes years of growing to achieve this color level. I began growing this exact plant 24 years ago from a single rhizome.

This bottle also includes a Free Bottle of Trippin Hippie BBQ

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