Blair’s XB, These Sauces Are No Experiment!

Blair’s XB

As those of us in the NorthEast get ready for a Mega snowfall (allegedly) it’s a perfect time for me to share with you my very latest, and dare I say, possibly the best sauces I’ve made to date (33 years and running).  

These are quite different than ever before. You see, I’ve been working on many new products and for one reason or another (usually logistics in procurement of ingredients/supply chain issues ), I’m prevented from bringing a product from coming to market on a commercial level. I pour my soul and palate out to create so many new flavor combos and it kinda bummed me out to realize many of them are never shared with you. So Wahhhh…. Ha.  

I decided to change that; Make um available, albeit in micro bottle batches that don’t even equal what’s spilled by a factor greater than twenty, in one production of Death Sauce. But I feel the best way to share my passion is to make sure it’s shared well and proper. To that end, I wanna also let you know that you’ll be able to get to know me and all whom surround me much, much more personally soon – on a completely unleashed, uncensored, and highly likely to be demonetized platform you may have heard of called … YouTube ???????????? I digress.

Anyway back to the goods, aka XB. That’s obViously named for experimental Me. Make no mistake tho, these sauces are no experiment. They are the culmination of my more than three decades immersed in a spicy world waaaaay before it was cool to be (will get to that on YouTube, I promise). While I don’t know the exact number of different chilis I’ve worked with over the years (it’s greater than 800 conservatively), that’s really where some of my greatest pleasure originates from. Sharing my Passion….One Tongue at a time….So Smile with Me and check out just a few of the beyond awesome, highly limited XB’s Now Available. Including —Head Trauma NagaChampagne Chaka NoPalGhost Yuzu Watermelon or how about Double Trouble Scorpion Strawberry ??  

Anyway, I could go on. These are really different than anything else I’ve ever made or made available….actually, sorry I’m gonna share another ….SS Vinegar –flavored with at least all of the following- Hatch Chili Shreds, Bico Roxa, Dewy Drops, Lemon Drops, Trinidad Scorpions, Red Savina Habanero and Uh well…Scorpions and No not the Chili kind though they’re in there as well. Yes for True: Your Vinegar contains at least one & sometimes two Real Manchurian Scorpions which are super cool cuz while they’re Venomous when Alive, soon after they die their poison becomes inert and can no longer be of harm to humans. So You’re In Luck as I’ve elected not use Live scorpions in the bottling process????????. 
Another important factoid – while I totally have mad ass respect for all my ChiliHead Collectors from all over the globe (some of whom have bottles which are 29 years old…Whoa Luv) Regarding the XB line – my hope is that you Use these bottles and enjoy them as much as I do. These aren’t just words, I speak from my soul and stand behind what I say. I want you to try these so much that if, after ordering, you send me a pic of you using your opened bottle of XB sauce, your next XB order will include a Free XB on me* (this time only; however let it be known that I cannot guarantee I will make the same sauces again as I will be offering many, many different flavor profiles from our Lab monthly, weekly, and at times even daily) all in highly unique and very limited micro batches.

All Luv, Much Spice.Feel Alive B 

Check this new XB out.

*one time only. SS Vinegar not included in offer

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