Hiya,Today I’m super psyched to share with you three very special XB’s for sure! Canabasauce. This is an evolution from my ChiliSoul. For True. It started with V1 – Hot Pot, V2 – Hemp n Hot, and now 26 years later, V3 – Canabasauce. . I imagine some of you reading this are now smiling as you think back to 1996 when I released Hot Pot. Back then, people thought I was out of my mind using hemp oil in any food, let alone a hot sauce. But today, you can walk into your nearest convenience store and find it easily- by the same token this is where I believe Terpenes are Today. Because the fact is, when you take my Patent Pending Chilies, Terpenes, hemp oil,  and Cannabis – something extraordinary happens and its called The Entourage Effect. This is why I put them all together.
Synergistically powered by patent pending Chili’s, Terpenes, Hemp, and you. 

All LuVnSpice Feel Alive, B

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