XB’s – The Next Level

Hey Hey,

As you may know the XB’s are continuing to Grow at a Pace which exceeds my most ambitious ambition. Truthfully, I started the XB line cuz there were a few sauces I really wanted to share with you and I thought that would kinda be what it was …..whoa was I wrong …..  What (sorta) began only 9 weeks ago with only a few different XB’s  …now has 41 up in here & growing. While there are lots of logistics in making this all happen …There’s a much bigger picture that will become visible soon in which you are a huge part of.  This week’s sauces are without a doubt the most special to date. I say that humbly and I believe you’ll agree once you see for yourself. While I could make this email another super long run on sentence, I’m gonna make it short and spicy. I’ve assembled a fantastic bunch of XB’s with even more effort to further encourage you to use them…. Each and every one of them is Special.  Very Special.  They have been loved and cared for filled with Great Karma.
Check um out and Feel Alive ????????????????

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