Halloween Reserve 2020

Halloween Reserve 202
I’m Super Psyched to share with U…The absolute Best Reserve I’ve ever Made. Most of all I’m even more Psyched about the best part…All the labor LuV is Now complete…They’re Now Ready to be Placed into their Death shipping Box and arrive to you. While I’ve Made numerous Reserves since 1994 all of which hold different meanings in time (to me)..Maybe because 2020 has been …well 2020…I knew This Reserve had to be Over the Top of Tops….That it Is for SuRe…Even when I thought it was too much in recruiting Alex to make these Insane one of a Kind Hand Blown Death Pumpkins…it wasn’t enough and I needed to Do even More…then decided to bring my Steel Death Skulls to a Genius Metallurgist to be Permanently Coated in 24kt Gold…After that was done, It Suddenly seemed like it wasn’t enough ….Want U to Have More…Why not cast the base of the DeaTh Pumpkin in Gorgeous Italian Resin??? Ok sounds Perfect …Now Your Death Pumpkin will comfortably Chill for Many Years Ahead…I’ve learned much in the past 26 years since my First Reserve was Released and I’m Honored to be able to share it with U & Yes to those of U reading this who I don’t know me ..I’m 51 proudly born in 1969. You hear that “it goes so fast”… Yes it F-in Does …For True So here are most of the Details – But note -“Additional Bonus Surprises could likely be included in Your Death Box thats shipped to You” One of kind Hand blown DeaTh Pumpkins filled with our All New Even Hotter “Death Rain” Blend and they’re All Adorned with a Super Sexy Authentic 24kt Gold Sealed Skull. As if that wasn’t enough, The bottle is Set into its very own Italian Resin Base that’s absolutely going to become the Highlight of a your Collection….it’s already In Mine !!! Wishing U much Peace, LoveN’Spice !! Feel Alive. B! Ps .. Just Cuz That wasn’t enough for You (or Me) I decided to Randomly produce 9 of the 50 bottles with twenty grams of My World Famous Guinness Book of World Record breaking Certified 16 million Spice….Yes Indeed… Feel Alive W/LuV Pss The 2020 Preorder Offer will increase to $530 at noon EST Tomorrow (10-27) on any Remaining 2020 Reserves. Orders to be delivered in USA are Guaranteed arrival by Friday October 30th 2020.